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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Larry wants to be your best friend!

Larry needs a SUPER home!

This cat LOVES attention so if anyone is interested, they should know he will expect a ton of petting and love!

He is about 2 or 3 years old, fixed, has shots, is tested for leukemia & FIV – he is leukemia free but did test positive for FIV. DO NOT believe the rumors - FIV kitties are OK to adopt and still make great companions! It is also NOT a death sentence, they often live long lives so don't let this condition be the reason you pass him up!

For anyone hesitant on adopting a cat with FIV, they can read a bit about it and how cats with it can still live a pretty decent life. A few sites I found are:

http://www.caringforcreatures.com/index.php?p=fiv http://kittenrescue.org/catcarequestions.htm#fiv

(if you think I only offered links that tell the upside of FIV, google search it for yourself and you will see that your results will be the same as mine & all full of info that indeed states these kitties are OK to have!)

One last thing – he is GORGEOUS!

He is white with black spots (like a Holstein type cow) and has pale yellow eyes.
Please see pics below and pass around to all you know. I really want to place him is a wonderful and loving home ASAP. I am in Los Angeles county but am able to transport him to all other SoCal locations if that is needed.

interested in Larry, please contact:


PS – he has some scratches on his nose that have since healed up so that is what the marks on his nose are..

Larry loves to talk, this is him telling me about his day...